Does risk management feel like this?
Desperate man running after fast removals van, juggling with stuff that’s falling off the back
It doesn’t have to!

Information is the life blood of modern commerce, and is as exposed to risk as any other corporate asset, but the extent and variety of the risks are still not fully appreciated by many organisations.

Indeed almost all corporate risk ultimately reduces to information risk, as only by being fully informed and assured of the integrity and validity of information can you manage risk at all.

While ‘hacking’ and data breaches receive the greatest public attention, they are only a small part of your problem. The totality of the risk includes not only hazards to the information itself, but the possible extent of consequential and collateral harm from, for example:

relying on incomplete or inaccurate information
not having sufficient rights in the information
failures by third party data processors
non-compliance with statutory obligations
unreliable or inconsistent risk assessment

Management Consulting can guide and support you in minimising the risk to both yourselves and to third parties that results from processing both personal and corporate data.

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