When it comes to risk,prevention is better than cure

Information risk affects every aspect of modern business, and it’s almost impossible to predict exactly what the next next threat will look like. However the majority of information-related incidents, from data loss to regulatory liabilities, occur to a great extent due to unrecognised fragilities within the victim organisation. As a business grows and evolves, increasing operational complexity can cause sight to be lost of the evolving risk landscape.The optimum protection is therefore, not solely in reactive response to specific risks as they arise, but in a attaining a position of proactive resilience, making the organisation more resistant in general to the unexpected.

Management Consulting can assist you by
guiding the specification and development of internal standards, processes and documentation to fulfil your obligations
delivering training and model processes for risk and information management
reviewing and assessing your compliance and certification status
Unlike many consultancies, we do not just audit your business and send you a report. We take the time and make the effort to understand your operational context and concerns, and from that basis provide you with practical help to achieve your goals. We do this by a balance of enquiry, guidance and hands-on support, so, where appropriate, our service can be closer to interim management than conventional consulting. However you have the benefit of our service for much or little time as you need. We have performed assignments ranging from continued support extending over months or years to addressing specific issues resolved in less than a day, so your need defines and drives our services to you.